Eco Cleaning Company provides a wide range of cleaning services for apartments, houses, cottages and all types of office and industrial premises. In addition to professional cleaning, the company's specialists will carry out dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, sofas. We are not a classic cleaning Company, we are experts in the world of cleanliness!


Eco Cleaning has several advantages:

  • We use only certified, absolutely safe for your health cleaning products.
  • The technology of cleaning is borrowed from the best European and American cleaning companies.
  • We have only modern equipment that makes the cleaning process faster and improves the quality.
  • We are ready to work at any time of the day and can adapt to your schedule.
  • Control of the senior manager for the quality of cleaning guarantees maximum results.
  • Payment is made after the work is done.
  • Any form of payment is convenient for the client.
  • Guaranteed cleanliness and quality.




Why us?

  • We have the fastest and most up-to-date cleaning technologies.
  • Modern equipment ensures the quality and fast cleaning.
  • Our specialists use only hypoallergenic detergents that do not adversely affect the body of an adult and a child.
  • Partnership Principle. We are interested in long-term partnerships. Your cleaning problems will turn into our tasks
  • We make maximum effort to find the best solutions by constantly improving our services.
  • We provide our customers with the maximum package of cleaning services at the most affordable price, as well as suggest how you can reduce your fixed cleaning costs, whether it is daily complex cleaning of office premises or general cleaning of a country house.
  • Our main goal is to offer you all types of professional cleaning services that are constantly being improved. We do not wait for the problem appears - we work ahead of schedule, predict it and take measures in advance.
  • Our company was faced with works of various levels and scales: from one-room city apartments to huge retail and industrial areas. Eco Cleaning company employs professionals who are constantly improving their skills in training seminars and workshops. Our task is to make your life cleaner and more beautiful. Only a feeling of cleanliness and comfort can lift the mood and fill the day with positive. Start with cleaning and your life will change for the better!


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