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Any floor covering should be periodically cleaned from dust and dirt. You can clean a carpet on your own only in those cases when it does not have complex stains that cannot be removed using improvised conventional means. It is convenient, simple and profitable to order dry cleaning of carpets from Eco Cleaning Company, since we have the best prices and a professional approach to completing tasks.

How do we clean carpets?

Dry cleaning of carpets is a responsible event. The elimination of each type of pollution requires the use of special chemical and detergents. In this case, it is necessary to observe a certain technology, as well as have a fleet of special equipment.

We carry out a trip to the house or office of the customer. Before cleaning the carpet, our experts will conduct an inspection and determine the quality of the material and compatibility with chemical reagents. General washing is carried out by using an extractor machine manufactured by Karcher. Under the created pressure, detergents are distributed over the entire area of the carpet and are sucked into the device along with dirt.

Having discovered traces of obsolete and complex contaminants, our experts will connect a rotary disk machine to work. Local contaminants are eliminated by hand, for this we use highly efficient stain removers from well-known manufacturers from the USA, Germany and the UK.

What will you get

  • Carpet cleaning at home occurs at any time convenient for you;
  • The work is done by professionals using effective tools;
  • You personally control the work;
  • The products used are environmentally neutral and do not cause hypoallergenic reactions;
  • Acceptable prices;
  • The life of carpets increases.


Our specialists will carry out dry cleaning of carpets using the following methods:

  • dry processing;
  • aqua-cleaning of carpets made of synthetic materials and dyes;
  • wet cleaning, with the use of foam and stain removers;
  • chemical removal of dust, pollution and overgrown areas;
  • drying out;
  • final deodorization and antistatic treatment.
  • When working with such products, which are very sensitive to external influences, such as carpets, the specialists of the company take into account their composition (natural or artificial fibers and dyes), pile length, worn material, etc.
  • In its work, the Eco Cleaning Company uses the latest technologies for carpet cleaning, both in terms of detergents and special equipment (extractors, rotors, etc.).
  • We serve Indian, Persian, Moroccan, Turkish and many other types of carpets.


Contact us and we will conduct a deep and professional cleaning of the carpet, with a guarantee of results, as soon as possible and at affordable prices. We are always in touch and will advise you on the cost and terms of dry cleaning your carpet!

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