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The bedroom is the place that needs special cleanliness: deep, thorough, but absolutely safe for health. And the main enemy of your health in the bedroom is a dust mite. You cannot see it with the naked eye. However, the harm caused by it results in the years of treatment for chronic rhinitis, allergies and other ailments. It is unreal to get rid of the dust mite on your own by simple washing the bed. Professional cleaning of mattresses from the Eco Cleaning company will protect you from these unwanted pets forever if you apply for a deep dry cleaning service for mattresses.

One gram of dust can contain from hundreds to thousands of ticks. If we talk about a double bed, then the amount from 200 to 400 million is an understated figure. Regular disinfection of mattresses will significantly reduce the tick content on bedding. To combat dust mites and bacteria, we use professional disinfectants and specialized equipment.

 Stages of cleaning the mattress:

However, cleaning the mattress may be required not only because of dust mites. The mattress can be stained with spilled liquids or dirt, and often the mattresses are attacked by pets - therefore, in our company you can also order dry cleaning of the mattress from urine and not worry later that your sleep and rest are bad for your health.

 We carry out cleaning of mattresses in the following stages:

  • Determining the nature of pollution and knocking out dust using a turbo brush;

  • Selection of special chemical composition and stain treatment;

  • Injection of detergent under pressure into the depth of the mattress;

  • Removal of dissolved spots;

  • Rinsing the mattress with water and drying.

With our help, it is possible to dry clean orthopedic mattresses, vacuum, spring, latex and other mattresses with the selection of appropriate cleaning products.


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