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The process of putting things in order at home, office or any public place is not an easy task, which is why cleaning is such a popular service. If you use the help of professional cleaning companies, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality cleaning of any room, saving your time and nerves, as well as a guarantee for further cooperation at competitive prices. All of us know how harmful dust and dirt are in those places where we are constantly located, but very often our hands just do not reach the general cleaning. With this service you will protect yourself and others from the harmful effects of a polluted environment, as well as get harmony and order in your home or office.


The basics of regular cleaning

Everyone is pleased to be in a clean and tidy room, because cleanliness and order are the key to an excellent mood and a healthy lifestyle. Eco Cleaning offers a regular apartment cleaning service. The accuracy and maximum hard work of our cleaning staff allow us to achieve a positive cleaning result in a short period of time.


What is included in this service?

When you order cleaning of the apartment, you will get the following service:

  • Dry vacuuming.
  • Wet floor cleaning.
  • Cleaning rugs and carpets.
  • Wipe doors and mirrors.
  • Elimination of dust and dirt from surfaces.
  • Wet cleaning of cabinet furniture.
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.


Thanks to modern cleaning products, the procedure will be held at a high level, leaving the client satisfied and prompting them to contact us again.


Cleanliness remains the main goal pursued by our qualified staff. It is easy to make sure of their professionalism. To do this you should just order the service on our website. An additional advantage for customers is that the cost of regular cleaning in the apartment continues to be affordable.

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