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Carpets are magnets for dust, dirt, odors and germs. From time to time they must be thoroughly cleaned. Natural handmade oriental carpets made of silk or wool require special care and professionalism in cleaning. We know the properties of the materials from which carpets are made and how to properly clean them. Our company try to provide the highest quality services and save you from unnecessary trouble taking away for cleaning and delivering the carpet back

Eco Cleaning Company is a great choice for real cleanliness that lasts longer. We take care of your carpets!

Our employees carry out the following stages of cleaning eastern carpets:



Our carpet master will carefully inspect your carpet for stains or the integrity of the pile and repair it if necessary before starting to clean the carpet.


Dust removal

In the beginning, the carpet is cleaned with a vibro-vacuum installation to remove dry earth, dust and sand. Then, comb out the pile with a special carpet vacuum cleaner from hair and dust. This thorough method of removing dirt reduces the load on the fibers in the mat - it is more gentle and more effective than shaking or knocking the carpet.



Your carpet will be placed in a special bathtub for washing carpets with an area of 24 m2. Before using the detergent, the master will check the stability of the dyes of carpet pile. A rug made of silk or handmade carpets are left in the bathroom for a long time and the detergent is updated several times. , Our delicate machining can be used for carpets made of wool and synthetics to make the detergent penetrate faster into the interior of the pile



A carpet is rinsed in the bathroom with cold water beforehand to normalize the pH balance. Then it is placed in a specially designed centrifuge, where it is washed with cold water and then water is extracted using a centrifugal force of 900 rpm. The spin-drying process reduces problems such as elution of paint.


Drying and combing

Comb the pile with a slightly damp carpet and hang it on a drying beam where it will dry at room temperature.


Final inspection

After the carpet is completely dry, our technologist will check it again. Then the carpet will be rolled up and decorated for delivery back to your home.


Save and protect

We have standardized the carpet cleaning process and are trying to improve it. We carefully clean carpet decorative brushes. We use only those products that do not harm your carpets and are safe for people and pets in your home, plus our products are environmentally friendly. We provide cleanliness that restores the bright colors of carpets and protects them from future pollution.

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