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When keeping pets, many are faced with the problem of removing unpleasant and very persistent odors, stubborn stains. Of course, it is easier to prevent their occurrence. But in practice this is far from always the case. What to do if the smell and spots have already appeared? There are two ways for dealing with them: household and professional.

Self-cleaning can be done by any housewife. But if you want it to be effective, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of pollution and select the appropriate means, cleaning methods. Professional cleaning is a rational, profitable, affordable and convenient solution.


  • A well-behaved pet being in a comfortable and familiar environment will not get dirty in the house. But the conditions can change, the animal can get sick, etc. The result is stains on furniture, curtains, carpets. Moreover, spots that have a persistent smell.
  • The longer the urine or excrement comes into contact with the surface the more difficult to remove stains from feces of domestic animals. Ideally, you should clean up after the pet immediately. If time is lost, you will have to work with persistent stains and take care of eliminating the smell.
  • How to detect dried spots in the places, which are hard to reach? An ultraviolet lamp or flashlight will help. In the dark, biological materials give a noticeable glow.



It is considered that the best means for removing stains from animal urine are vinegar, soda, hydrogen peroxide. On smooth and hard surfaces they work well. But not all modern materials can withstand processing with peroxide, vinegar. Soda can cause stains on painted and polished coatings.

If household detergents are not the best solution, then what should you use to remove stains and eliminate odors? Effective professional chemicals will help! But they must be used strictly according to the instructions. Otherwise, the risk of damage to the coatings is as great as in the case of the use of the so-called traditional household chemicals.

As for the smell, the main mistake of pet owners is an attempt to disguise it. Even the most powerful deodorants and persistent perfumes are not able to cope with the task. The sense of smell of animals is much better than that of humans. Under the layer of aromatic substances, the pet will surely feel its mark. Moreover, the presence of extraneous odors stimulates the animal to redefine the territory.


If you can’t cope with removing stains and eliminating animal odors in the house yourself, we recommend you to contact specialists in the field of cleaning. They will conduct local cleaning of coatings, interior textiles, and perform complex cleaning of the facility.

Various techniques and tools are used by specialists in the field of cleaning. Their selection is determined by the resistance of pollution, whether household treatment was carried out and by what means. Also they take into account the type of coating, its resistance to chemical attack. What is for the elimination of odors, deep cleaning of surfaces and coatings and professional deodorization of rooms allows to achieve the optimal result.

For specialists in the field of cleaning, there are no unsolvable problems. Professionalism, experience, the availability of advanced tools and tools allow you to perform all types of cleaning quickly and with a guaranteed result. An integrated approach to cleaning operations ensures the effective implementation of projects.

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