Apartment Carpet Cleaning Service

You can now clean the carpet not only with a wet rag and vacuum cleaner. With many contaminants, these tools will not cope. In order not to waste your time, it is better to contact a cleaning company. Stain removal is carried out using rotary machines.

To maintain the cleanliness of the carpet you must use a variety of chemicals. For deep cleaning, you will need professional equipment and chemicals that are not on store shelves. Many people prefer to wash the carpet on their own, however, when drying on the street, the pile will collect all the dust of the street, as well as absorb car exhaust.

How is carpet cleaning done?

  • The specialist determines the material of the carpet. This stage is necessary for the selection of cleaning products.
  • Knocking a carpet with a special machine.
  • A cleaning agent is applied. It is necessary not only to remove stains, but also to destroy microorganisms, such as dust mites.
  • The coating is treated with a washing machine.
  • For the final cleaning of dirt and microorganism residues, a rotary washing machine is used. With the help of various brushes and nozzles, the carpet is perfectly clean.
  • Professional carpet cleaning.
  • Removes unpleasant odor;
  • Does not overdry or warp the carpet.
  • Eliminates paint erosion;
  • It does not cause mechanical damage;
  • Keeps structure of pile;
  • Eliminates all stains and dirt;


Wet cleaning involves the use of a carpet-washing disc machine. Detergent is applied, machining is carried out for intensive cleaning. If you do not get to remove the stain the first time, then clean the area again.

Semi-wet cleaning will eliminate odors and remove contamination. After the procedure, some time is required for drying. After that, you can safely walk on the carpet.

The gentlest cleaning method is dry foam cleaning. It is suitable for removing dirt with a low degree. The foam will dissolve the dirt, thorough cleaning is carried out using a professional vacuum cleaner.

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