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Eco Cleaning offers high-quality dry cleaning of carpets using special tools and equipment HYLA. Floor coverings make the interior cozier, the floor warmer, but they must be carefully looked after. Carpets quickly get dirty, collect dirt and dust, stains often form on them. You can carry out dry cleaning with removal or at home.

At home you can carry out dry cleaning only with a vacuum cleaner. Owners occasionally cover the pile with store stain removers. But this is not enough to maintain a clean and tidy appearance. You need professional cleaning equipment for several reasons:

  • A dirty coating is dangerous for young children, allergy sufferers and pets. They react more sharply to dust, stains.
  • Contaminated carpets smell bad. You can aromatize the room an infinite number of times, but the unpleasant smell will remain.
  • Regular cleaning extends carpet life.


We offer cheap carpet cleaning. The procedure completely eliminates the pile of bacteria, animal hair and human hair, spots.

Washing and dry cleaning of carpets with a frequency of 6-12 months in our company is profitable and reliable:

  • Pollution is removed from all directions;
  • Detergents penetrate deep into the pile, destroy harmful microorganisms;
  • Pile and color are not damaged, the carpet looks new;
  • Chemical compounds are safe for humans, completely washed out after cleaning;
  • No need to buy cleaning products, pay for transportation;
  • Bad odors are completely eliminated;

When cleaning carpets, stains of any origin are completely removed. Not only the front, but also the bottom side is put in order.

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